Room Hire

Main Hall

Main Hall

  • Approximate Width: 21ft / 6.54m
  • Approximate Length: 31ft / 9.46m

Main Hall (Divided)

First space:

  • Approximate Width:21ft / 6.54m
  • Approximate Length:14ft / 4.1m
  • (Sq Ft: 310.2 / Sq m: 28.82)

Second Space:

  • Approximate Width-21ft / 6.54m
  • Approximate Length:16ft / 4.5m
  • (Sq Ft: 357.3/ Sq m: 33.20)
Wardle Room

Wardle Room

  • Approximate Width: 22ft/ 6.75m
  • Approximate Length: 27ft/ 8.41m
  • Approximate Sq Ft: 614.93 / Sq M: 57.12

We are able to offer refreshments and catering with a variety styles of catering for your needs for more details please get in touch and take a look at our Gallery for some pictures.
Free WIFI for all users.
Variety of equipment available to hire:
Projector & Screen £10 a day.
Laptop £10 a day.
PA System £30 a day.


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